Two Ways to Design: Right and Again.

Logo and brand design are similar to preparing for a rigorous excursion.
There is only one opportunity to pack everything you could possibly need - and these supplies need to last the duration of the trip.

Your business will fare through days, months, and years of wear and tear, enduring unpredictable challenges and evolutions. Having a logo and brand identity that adapt with your business and continue to remain relevant and true to your message - all from the pivotal moment of their inception - is crucial.

Both the foreseeable and unforeseeable must be accounted for.

How and where will you apply your logo?
Does your brand resemble another too closely?
Do you own the intellectual property that is your logo?
Does your brand identity still fit if your business expands?

These are questions that must be considered early and thoroughly and the answers will have repercussions for the life of your business. The only options to redo, undo, or edit your logo and brand cost hard-earned progress, capital, and time.

Design right, design once, and the logo and brand generated to represent your business will see you to the summit of success.

Why Logo Further?

Ted Chartrand - Owner of Logo Further

Logo Further LLC was started in 2020 by Ted Chartrand, a lifelong artist and designer, when he spotted a trend. Logo and brand design - two of the few assets expected to survive the life of a business - are frequently rushed and skimped on, simply to get up and running.

Part two of this trend is the rebrand that comes within five years or less of a business' origin- costing precious customer recognition and creating the daunting hurdle of updating all instances of the logo, advertising, online pressence, etc.

Why does this happen?

Perhaps the designer failed to provide the adequate file types for versatile use in print and digital applications.

Maybe proper research was not conducted and now a cease-and-desist letter was sent to the startup due to unintentional (or intentional) copyright infringement.

It's possible the business has since scaled up and the branding they initially developed no longer represents them appropriately.

The cases and causes of logo and branding ill-preparedness are myriad.

Logo Further was born to exemplify the mantra: "brand-driven, future-proof, infringement-free."

Logo Further designs to last, providing all assets to apply your logo and brand without limitation - technical, functional, cultural, legal, or otherwise.

Foresight is foremost important.

Final designs are delivered in raster and vector file formats, with documented ownership to you, as well as various forms and color configurations to enable versatile application. Research is conducted regarding what designs are already utilized in the world, to create unique and legally non-contentious concepts before even reaching the drawing board.

All of these and other efforts are exerted by Logo Further during every collaboration, whether undertaking a startup branding project or a rebrand.

Logo Further also understands well that the process does not end with a logo and brand book, which is why comprehensive business-focused graphic design services are offered from print collateral, digital illustration, merch, apparel, social media graphics, and more to help you keep your momentum.

Products are personally designed by Ted Chartrand and ordered on your behalf through company partners, allowing your custom needs to be met while you are freed from the hassle of rounding up each asset to promote your business.

Designs made here go further for the businesses that bear them. So...

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