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I'm Ted Chartrand.


I started Logo Further LLC to help entrepreneurs avoid logo and branding ill-preparedness.

Copyright infringement risks...

 inadequate files for future use...

non-strategized brand visuals...


...all stand between business owners and achieving peak first-impression performance.

That's where I come in.

Your Journey. Your logo.

Your business future is a mountain towering before you.

Your brand is the pack of supplies you will rely on to reach the summit.

You have one chance to fill it.

No stops. No resupplies.


Equip yourself purposefully – strategically – and you will conquer the peak.


Two ways to do things:
right or again.

Failing to design one's logo and brand properly at launch later necessitates redesigns and rebrands.

These are neither cost or time effective.

And every time this occurs, brand recognition and credibility suffer.

How I work differently...

I began in graphic design because I can't stand to see designers repeatedly fail to prepare, equip, and simply communicate honestly with business owners.

Designs with poor print and digital functionality, copyright infringement, hidden fees and royalties, ownership ransom - you name it - I cannot believe what these "professionals" get up to every day.

I am 100% self-taught in design, drawing on years of practical application experience, honed client communication skills, and a keen intuition for what works and what does not.

Through this, Logo Further and I balance

creativity with functionality.


I've worked with dozens of graphic designers and very few have had the level of care, dedication, and drive that Ted does. I've hired him for countless projects and he always delivers with transparency, consistent quality, and efficiency. I highly recommend Ted not only for your graphic design needs, but any digital or physical art-based project. One of the most talented people I've had the opportunity to work with.

-Taylor Beaven [Robot Bubble LLC] on Octahedron logo

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