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An expertly-crafted logo enables your business to:

  • ATTRACT a larger customer base.

  • TARGET and your ideal client.

  • STRENGTHEN loyalty, recognition, and profitability.

  • COMMUNICATE brand values to your clients.

  • STAND OUT over your competition.

  • APPLY your logo to clothing, business cards, signs, and websites well into the future.

  • AVOID infringements on copyrights and trademarks that result in cease and desist orders and fines.

  • OWN the rights to your logo permanently.


Logo Further LLC is here for professionals who seek to have their logo serve, not just as a symbol, but as an asset.

I help professionals who are in the beginning stages of business and brand planning, as well as existing businesses redefining their brand message.

Those who wish to build a lasting, meaningful image of their brand or organization will find what they need here.

No one wants to invest in a logo they can't use, so Logo Further creates practical graphics in versatile file types so your logo anticipates every use for life.

Among those served by Logo Further are:

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Small Business Owners

  • Sports Teams

  • Retail Companies

  • Web Developers

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Screen Printers

  • Consultation Companies

  • Marketing Companies

  • Musicians

  • Accountants

  • Copywriters

  • Freelance Professionals

  • Authors


Proper logo design is every bit as practical as it is creative.


Not every logo and logo file can work everywhere for everything -- unless it is carefully planned during the design process.

A logo is an investment.

You are in the right place if you have any of the following pain points with your logo.

Your logo does not:

  • Stand out

  • Fit your brand

  • Send the right message

You do not have:

  • A vector logo

  • The file types you need

  • Documented ownership

Your logo cannot:

  • Be displayed in a single color

  • Be seen and understood easily

  • Be applied to shirts, signs, websites, merch, etc.

Your logo infringes upon:

  • Your competition

  • An existing brand

  • An existing trademark

Your logo contains:

  • A copyright font

  • Clip-art

  • Overly-complicated designs

Your logo is not:

  • Serving your brand ideally

  • A good fit after rebranding

  • Associated with your brand by your clients